Twenty-five Rare books owned by Yoshida-South Library, the Graduate School of Letters, the Graduate School of Economics and the Medical Library have been digitized and released.

Among those, Zhong yi shui hu quan shu (忠義水滸全書) owned by the Graduate School of Letters was bequested by Dr. Kojiro Yoshikawa (吉川幸次郎; 1904-1980) and includes many annotations which he wrote when he translated the book into Japanese.

Zhong yi shui hu quan shu (忠義水滸全書)


Library Record ID Title Author Call Number
Yoshida-South Library RB00031730 元史 210巻 (明)王禕等奉勑修 515//131/三高和
RB00031731 重校正唐文粹 100卷 (宋)姚鉉纂 412//55/三高和
RB00031732 彙苑詳註 36 巻 (明)王世貞編 ; 鄒道元校 030//26/三高和
RB00031733 注釋古周禮 5巻 ; 考工記 明 郎兆玉譔 216//252/三高和
RB00031734 二如亭群芳譜 (明)王象晋纂輯 ; (明)毛鳳苞較正 663//11/三高和
RB00031735 四書徴 湯睡菴鍳定 ; 王夢簡彙輯 ; 馮汝密 [ほか] 訂 216//26/三高和
G.S. Letters RB00031736 忠義水滸全書   中哲文D Vib 7-40
RB00031737 新鐫節義鴛鴦嬌紅記   中哲文D Vg 15-13
G.S. Economics RB00031738 亞米利加總記 1巻續2巻後編3巻 林則徐譯 ; 魏源重輯 ; 廣瀬達解 18/2-1/Tsu
RB00031739 Histoire ecclesiastique des isles et royaumes du Iapon Francçois Solier. 上野文庫/CII/22/SOLI
RB00031740 Fasciculus e Iapponicis floribus, suo adhuc madentibus sanguine, compositus a P. Antonio Francisco Cardim è Societate Iesu : prouinciæ Iapponiæ ad urbem procuratore : qui legitis flores, hos legite, sic quoniam positi suaves miscentur odores.   上野文庫/CII/22/CARD
RB00031741 Some thoughts concerning education [John Locke] CII/24/LOCK/貴重書
RB00031742 Relation abregée de la nouvelle persecution de la Chine : tirée de la relation composée à Macao par les missionnaires de l'Ordre de Saint Dominique, qui ont été chassés de cette mission : traduite de l'Italien François Gonzalés de S. Pierre. 上野文庫/CII/22/RELA
RB00031743 A new history of China : containing a description of the most considerable particulars of that vast empire Gabriel Magaillans CIII/5/MAGA
RB00031744 A letter concerning enthusiasm : sensus communis : an essay on the freedom of wit and humour. (Characteristicks of men, manners, opinions, times / by Anthony Shaftesbury ; vol. 1). Anthony Shaftesbury CII/17/SHAF/貴重書
RB00031745 Letters on Mr Hume's history of Great Britain [Daniel MacQueen] CII/4/MACQ/貴重書
RB00031746 Four dissertations David Hume 上野文庫/CII/3/HUME
RB00031747 The history of the reign of the Emperor Charles V. ; v. 1, v. 2, v. 3. William Robertson BIV/26/ROBE/貴重書
RB00031748 Strictures on the modern system of female education : with a view of the principles and conduct prevalent among women of rank and fortune. In two volumes ; v. 1, v. 2. Hannah More CII/24/MORE/貴重書
RB00031749 On the principles of political economy, and taxation David Ricardo Bücher/BI/3-3/RICA
RB00031750 On the principles of political economy, and taxation David Ricardo BI/3-3/RICA
RB00031751 Compte-rendu général des travaux du Congrès international de statistique dans ses sessions : de Bruxelles, 1853; Paris, 1855; Vienne, 1857; Londres, 1860, et Berlin, 1863   Mayr/BIII/1/COMP
RB00031752 Compte-rendu des travaux de la VIe session du Congrès international de statistique : réuni à Florence les 29, 30 septembre, 1, 2, 3, 4, et 5 octobre 1867   Mayr/BIII/1/CONG
Medical Library RB00031753 An experimental history of the materia medica, or of the natural and artificial substances made use of in medicine, 2nd ed., 1768 William Lewis  
RB00031754 Damen-Conversations-Lexikon herausgegeben im Verein mit Gelehrten und Schriftstellerinnen von Carl Herlosssohn