792 items of Kyoto-related documents have been newly released

Nakai Collection consists of about 2,500 materials passed down through the Nakai family, the Tokugawa Government's master carpenter family in Kyoto, and 141 items related to the Maps, Work sheds and Social systems are now available on the digital archives.
Some illustrations of Kosatsu-ba are included in the Nakai Collection. The Kosatsu-ba was a place where the public notice written on the wooden plates were posted and located at the west end of the Sanjo Ohashi Bridge in Kyoto during the Edo period.

Sanjo Ohashi Kosatsu-ba

Above left: a copy of public notice in 1966 (元禄十二卯年三條高札塲江御掛免相成候定書并寸法寫)
Below left: illustration of the Sanjo Ohashi Bridge (橋梁圖11)
Right: illustration of the kosatsu-ba, a public notice board (三條大橋高札塲繪圖)


The Kyoto Machikata Collection, newly released on the digital archive, is a collection of records from Shimomaruya-cho and Hasinishi 2-chome in Kyoto from the 1600s to 1800s, which tells today how the people lived.

Yōshi shōmon no koto

養子証文之事(伊三吉養子ニ付) Left: document, Right: cover paper