Two rare materials belonging to the Graduate School of Letters have been digitized and released in the Digital Archive: Da ming sheng tu (大明省圖) and Shuo wen jie zi xi zhuan (説文解字繋傳 40卷).

Da ming sheng tu (大明省圖), also called Da Ming yu di tu (大明輿地圖) from the label on its box, is a large-sized colored picture map of mainland China consisting of two East and West scrolls. The released data also includes a merged image of the two scrolls set side by side to show the whole map at one glance.
Shuo wen jie zi xi zhuan (説文解字繋傳 40卷) is an annotated edition of Shuo wen jie zi by Xu Kai (徐鍇; 920-974) who served Southern Tang in China. This copy is a rare early print from the reprint edition by Qi Junzao (祁寯藻; 1793-1866) in 1839.

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Da ming sheng tu (大明省圖)
『説文解字繋傳 40卷』
Shuo wen jie zi xi zhuan (説文解字繋傳 40卷)