Jugaku Collection, Muromachi Tales and Daiso-bon have been newly digitized and released

101 items, including 64 items from Jugaku Collection and 3 items of Muromachi Tales held by the Graduate School of Letters, and 34 items from Daisō-bon held by the Main Library, have been newly digitized and released.

▼Graduate School of Letters


Jugaku Collection was formerly owned by the Japanese linguist Akiko Jugaku (壽岳章子; 1924-2005), and is a collection of mainly Shōmono, commentaries on Chinese classics and Buddhist scriptures produced during the Muromachi period. In 1987, Ms. Jugaku published a facsimile edition of 9 items titled Kōjitsuan Shōmonoshū (向日庵抄物集), and later donated 66 original items to the Graduate School of Letters.
After 37 years since the publication of the facsimile edition, we have now digitized 64 items in addition to the already released Rokumotsuzu (六物圖), and made almost the entire collection available to the public. Overwritten corrections, fill-in erasures and discolored sticky notes found in manuscripts, which were difficult to read in black and white photocopies, are now easier to read in high-resolution digital images.

古則聞書零本 日本書紀巻第一抄(兼俱講抄)

Left: “古則聞書零本” / Right: 日本書紀巻第一抄(兼俱講抄)


Muromachi Tales (Otogi Zōshi) is the general term for short stories produced during the Muromachi period. They were often enjoyed in the form of illustrated books.
Shizuka (しづか) was produced as a Nara ehon (Nara picture book) with 18 colored illustrations to the lyrics of the Kōwaka dance piece featuring Shizuka Gozen, the concubine of Minamoto no Yoshitsune. The original format was a booklet, but it has been converted into a scroll.
Kōwaka dance was a popular performing art during the Muromachi period, and books containing its lyrics spread as reading material. The entertaining stories and the highly colored illustrations delight the eyes of viewers, both in the past and present.



We introduce many other Otogi Zōshi on "Colored Illustrations", so please take a look as well.
As of July 3, 2024, Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive provides 2,153,823 images of 25,503 titles.

* The digitization of this collection is conducted under the “Project to Build an International Collaborative Research Network for Pre-modern Japanese Texts” by the National Institute of Japanese Literature in which Kyoto University Library participates.


Library Record ID Title Author Call No
Main Library RB00033240 舊事本紀玄義抜萃 : 上 友部安崇 [著] 1-03||ク||1
RB00033241 古今傳 : 全   4-22||コ||2
RB00033242 古今二字相傳   4-22||コ||3
RB00033243 切紙口傳條々 宗祇 4-22||コ||3
RB00033244 増補和哥作法   4-22||コ||3
RB00033245 戴恩記 2巻 長頭麿著 4-22||タ||1
RB00033246 和歌未来記聞書 中院通茂 [述], 幸隆[記] 4-22||ワ||8
RB00033247 和歌問答 : 全   4-22||ワ||10
RB00033248 小倉山庄色紙和哥抄 2巻   4-23||サ||6
RB00033249 新撰六帖題和歌 6巻 藤原家良 [ほか] 作 4-23||シ||12
RB00033250 内侍所御法楽千首和歌 桜町天皇勅撰 4-23||ナ||1
RB00033251 百人一首 : 古中歌仙 同六歌仙   4-23||ヒ||1
RB00033252 まくらの山 本居宣長著 4-23||マ||1
RB00033253 芭蕉翁真跡集 松尾芭蕉著 4-24||ハ||4
RB00033254 連集良材   4-24||レ||2
RB00033255 狂歌畫像作者部類 2巻 六樹園先生撰 ; 抱亭五清画 4-25||キ||4
RB00033256 西行物語 3巻   4-30||サ||1
RB00033257 紫式部日記傍註 壷井安鶴 [著] 4-30||ム||3
RB00033258 雨やとり   4-40||ア||4
RB00033259 いはやのさうし   4-40||イ||2
RB00033260 可笑記   4-40||カ||7
RB00033261 ふしんせき   4-40||フ||3
RB00033262 遊仙窟 (唐) 文成作 ; 文章生英房 [訳] 4-45||ユ||1
RB00033263 九弄辯 (釈)無相文雄撰 4-64||キ||1
RB00033264 磨光韻鏡後篇 無相 [著] 4-64||マ||2
RB00033265 蝦夷志 源君美 [著] 5-83||エ||2
RB00033266 武家筭術要訓 不分卷   6-41||フ||1
RB00033267 類證辨異全九集 7卷 [月湖著] ; [曲直瀬正慶編] 7-02||セ||24
RB00033268 妙藥 不分卷   7-02||ミ||4
RB00033269 明醫雜著抄 3卷   7-02||メ||1
RB00033270 兵法問答 不分巻   8-21||ヘ||2
RB00033271 兵法雄鑑 52巻 [北条氏長著] 8-21||ヘ||5||1
RB00033272 新刻金氏畫諩 不分卷 寄田延選模 8-44||キ||3
RB00033273 茶式圖略 不分卷   8-63||チ||7
G.S. Letters RB00033274 六物圖採摘 3巻 [南楚大江撰] 国文:壽岳||7C||2||貴重
RB00033275 比丘六物圖私抄 3巻 𤋜珍講, 仙祐誌 国文:壽岳||7C||3||貴重
RB00033276 三部經傳受聞書 宥快傳受, 全宥口筆 国文:壽岳||7C||4||貴重
RB00033277 法蕐譯和尋跡抄 3巻 日遠記 国文:壽岳||7C||5||貴重
RB00033278 鎮州臨済慧照禅師語録抄   国文:壽岳||7C||6||貴重
RB00033279 臨濟録 [臨済義玄撰] 国文:壽岳||7C||7||貴重
RB00033280 鎭州臨濟慧照禪師語録鈔 4巻 [(唐) 義玄撰] ; (唐) 慧然集 国文:壽岳||7C||8||貴重
RB00033281 佛果圓悟禅師碧岩集録 10巻 (存4巻) [(宋) 雪寶重顯頌古] ; [(宋) 圜悟克勤評唱] 国文:壽岳||7C||9||貴重
RB00033282 碧巖   国文:壽岳||7C||10||貴重
RB00033283 佛果圜悟禪師碧巖録 10巻 (存5巻)   国文:壽岳||7C||11||貴重
RB00033284 禪宗無門関 2巻 (宋) 慧開 [撰] ; (宋) 宗紹編 国文:壽岳||7C||12||貴重
RB00033285 無門關抄 2巻 (宋) 慧開 [撰] ; (宋) 宗紹編 国文:壽岳||7C||13||貴重
RB00033286 禪宗無門關私鈔 自雲記 国文:壽岳||7C||14||貴重
RB00033287 禪宗無門關鈔 2巻 西栢記 国文:壽岳||7C||15||貴重
RB00033288 古則聞書零本   国文:壽岳||7C||16||貴重
RB00033289 禪林類聚撮要鈔 4巻 [万安英種撰] 国文:壽岳||7C||17||貴重
RB00033290 禪林類聚鈔 2巻 [春夕撰] 国文:壽岳||7C||18||貴重
RB00033291 大慧普覺禪師書抄 4巻 [万安英種著] 国文:壽岳||7C||19||貴重
RB00033292 四部録抄 [万安英種著] 国文:壽岳||7C||20||貴重
RB00033293 宗門葛藤集 2巻 [不鉄撰] 国文:壽岳||7C||21||貴重
RB00033294 周易講義   国文:壽岳||7C||22||貴重
RB00033295 大學章句   国文:壽岳||7C||23||貴重
RB00033296 孟子集註抄 14巻   国文:壽岳||7C||24||貴重
RB00033297 大學章句抄 2巻   国文:壽岳||7C||24||貴重
RB00033298 中庸章句抄 2巻   国文:壽岳||7C||24||貴重
RB00033299 論語集註抄 20巻   国文:壽岳||7C||24||貴重
RB00033300 燈前夜話   国文:壽岳||7C||25||貴重
RB00033301 燈前夜話 2巻   国文:壽岳||7C||26||貴重
RB00033302 小學集説 (明) 程愈 [撰] 国文:壽岳||7C||27||貴重
RB00033303 淺見先生小學大意講義 2巻 [浅見絅斎講] 国文:壽岳||7C||28||貴重
RB00033304 小學講義 (存1巻)   国文:壽岳||7C||29||貴重
RB00033305 寸鐡録 [藤原惺窩撰] 国文:壽岳||7C||30||貴重
RB00033306 巵言抄 2巻 道春編 国文:壽岳||7C||31||貴重
RB00033307 呉子私抄 (周) 呉起 [原著] 国文:壽岳||7C||32||貴重
RB00033308 司馬法私抄 (周) 司馬穰苴 [原著] 国文:壽岳||7C||33||貴重
RB00033309 三畧諺解 [林羅山撰] 国文:壽岳||7C||34||貴重
RB00033310 太宗問對   国文:壽岳||7C||35||貴重
RB00033311 孫子 13巻   国文:壽岳||7C||36||貴重
RB00033312 明醫雜著抄 (存1巻)   国文:壽岳||7C||37||貴重
RB00033313 南北經驗醫方大成鈔 5巻序1巻 (元) 孫允賢書 ; 宗恂解 国文:壽岳||7C||38||貴重
RB00033314 歌行詩三部鈔   国文:壽岳||7C||40||貴重
RB00033315 長恨歌 (唐) 陳鴻撰 国文:壽岳||7C||41||貴重
RB00033316 琵琶行祥解 (唐) 白居易 [撰] 国文:壽岳||7C||41||貴重
RB00033317 莊子 10巻   国文:壽岳||7C||42||貴重
RB00033318 三体詩抄零本   国文:壽岳||7C||43||貴重
RB00033319 三體詩鈔   国文:壽岳||7C||44||貴重
RB00033320 三體詩集 絶句4巻七言律詩4巻五言律句5巻 (宋) 周弼選 ; (元) 天隱注 ; (元) 裴季昌増注 ; (日本) 素隠略取 国文:壽岳||7C||45||貴重
RB00033321 三體詩絶句鈔 6巻 塩瀬宗和 [著] 国文:壽岳||7C||46||貴重
RB00033322 江湖集 2巻   国文:壽岳||7C||47||貴重
RB00033323 江湖風月集鈔 2巻   国文:壽岳||7C||48||貴重
RB00033324 新編江湖風月集略註 2巻   国文:壽岳||7C||49||貴重
RB00033325 新編江湖風月集   国文:壽岳||7C||50||貴重
RB00033326 江湖集聞書 2巻   国文:壽岳||7C||51||貴重
RB00033327 江湖集聞書   国文:壽岳||7C||52||貴重
RB00033328 新編江湖風月集略註鈔 2巻 [万安著] 国文:壽岳||7C||53||貴重
RB00033329 新刋錦繡叚抄 5巻 天隱龍澤 [編] ; 月舟寿桂 [注] 国文:壽岳||7C||54||貴重
RB00033330 中華若木詩抄 3巻 東山如月和尚註 国文:壽岳||7C||55||貴重
RB00033331 𥬇雲和尚古文真寳之抄 10巻 (存8巻)   国文:壽岳||7C||56||貴重
RB00033332 日本書紀巻第一抄   国文:壽岳||7C||57||貴重
RB00033333 神代抄   国文:壽岳||7C||58||貴重
RB00033334 日本紀神代抄 11巻起1巻 清原宣賢 [撰] 国文:壽岳||7C||59||貴重
RB00033335 三社託宣略鈔 松本氏 [著] 国文:壽岳||7C||60||貴重
RB00033336 簠簋抄 5巻   国文:壽岳||7C||61||貴重
RB00033337 おあん物語 [山田去暦女著] 国文:壽岳||7C||62||貴重
RB00033338 しづか   国文:Nr||49||貴重
RB00033339 富士草帋   国文:Nr||27||貴重
RB00033340 花みつ   国文:Nr||26||貴重