Exhibitions in Kyoto University

Kyoto University Library Network holds an exhibition of rare materials in autumn once every several years, providing opportunities for the general public to familialize themselves with our precious holdings.
The next exhibition will be held in academic year 2018.

▼Past Exhibitions


Exhibitions outside Kyoto University

The exhibitions below will display actual materials of our holdings.
Please refer to more detailed/latest information on the websites of relevant institutions.

Material Institution Exhibition Period
(宝永)花洛細見図 15巻 -- 京都 : 金屋平右衛門, 元禄17序、[宝永] 刊. [RB00011894]のうち10巻 Koryo Museum of Art 世界記憶遺産登録記念特別展『京・近江の朝鮮通信使』 The item appears only during the 1st term: Apr. 1 - May 29, 2018.
怪談絵巻 [RB00000157] Kariya City Art Museum 怪談えほん原画展+稲生モノノケ録『ぼくはへいたろう』の世界展 Apr. 21 - Jun. 3, 2018

As of April 3, 2018

Past exhibitions (Japanese only)
▼Academic year 2017
▼Academic year 2016
▼Academic year 2015
▼Academic year 2014