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"Nijo gojochu ezu" appears in the Official Guidebook of Nijo Castle

Nijo gojochu ezu of Nakai Collection the Main Library holds appears in World Heritage Nijo Castle Official Guidebook (in Japanese) published on October 25, 2019.

Nijo gojochu ezu, created in 1843, is a plan of the whole Nijo Castle at the time of Emperor Go-Mizunoo's visit to the castle in 1626. The guidebook details the names of the buildings, why the buildings are color-coded and the features of the plan.

This is the first official guidebook of the castle published in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the castle's designation as the World Heritage. This fun-to-read book will provide you with so much information, from the castle's history and people who had strong connection with the castle to facts and details of the current Nijo Castle.

世界遺産二条城公式ガイドブック 表紙   世界遺産二条城公式ガイドブック 掲載ページ

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Exhibitions outside Kyoto University

The exhibitions below will display actual materials of our holdings.
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Material Institution Exhibition Period (Our materials may be exhibited during part of this period.)
正倉院東大寺宝図 第十二冊(A-12・一般貴重書(和))
拓本類集帖 [上下](谷村文庫)
National Museum of Japanese History Exhibition I Love Antiques!: Cultural Magazines Showing Pictorial Records Made by Antiquarians in Early Modern Times Mar. 7-May. 7, 2023
【Past event】
Kyushu National Museum Feature Exhibition Tanegashima A History Born from the Wind and Waves Dec. 13, 2022-Feb. 12, 2023
【Past event】
Nara National Museum 式年造替記念特別展「春日大社 若宮国宝展-祈りの王朝文化-」 Dec. 10, 2022-Jan. 22, 2023
【Past event】
Kokugakuin University Museum 特別展「走湯山と伊豆修験-知られざる山伏たちの足跡-」 Nov. 12, 2022-Jan. 22, 2023
【Past event】
Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture 企画展 長崎の黄檗-隠元禅師と唐寺をめぐる物語- Oct. 15-Nov. 27, 2022
【Past event】
扶桑略記 巻5(谷村文庫)
大鏡 上(平松文庫)
本朝皇胤紹運録 第1冊(平松文庫)
増註前王廟陵記 上・下(普通書)
大日本史 巻10(本紀10)(普通書)
宇治拾遺物語 巻15(大惣本)
OTSU CITY MUSEUM OF HISTORY 壬申の乱1350年記念企画展 大友皇子と壬申の乱 Oct. 8-Nov. 23, 2022
【Past event】
隋書 巻第81 列伝第46(谷村文庫)
三宝絵詞 中巻(普通書)
Otani University Museum 特別展「仏法東帰ー大仏開眼へのみちー」 Oct. 11-Nov. 28, 2022
【Past event】
Miyoshi Mononoke Museum 秋の企画展「予言獣のチカラ アマビエとアマビコたち」 Sep. 15-Dec. 6, 2022
【Past event】
THE SHOTO MUSEUM OF ART 装いの力―異性装の日本史 Sep. 3 - Oct. 30, 2022
【Past event】
Nara National Museum Special Exhibition Temple of Great Peace The World of Daianji and Buddhist Art in Ancient Nara Apr. 23 - Jun. 19, 2022

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Research projects using the data of this digital archive

Since one of Kyoto University Library Network's missions is to contribute to the promotion of academic research by making our rare collections open access, we welcome researchers to use our digital data for their research.
Here are examples of research projects using our digital data.

Database of Pre-Modern Japanese Works (NIJL) Kyoto University is participating the “Project to Build an International Collaborative Research Network for Pre-modern Japanese Texts” by the National Institute of Japanese Literature. As a cooperation with the project, images and metadata that created by Kyoto University were provided. (京都大学附属図書館 画像一覧 / Kyoto University Library List)
IIIF Manifests for Buddhist Studies by The SAT Daizōkyō Text Database Committee This is a website released by the SAT Daizōkyō Text Database Committee to share IIIF Manifest URIs related to the research in Buddhism. Clicking "Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive" from Attributions can filter the list to show Kyoto University's holdings only. The list includes multiple icons, each linking to a different IIIF-compliant viewer to show digital images. The committee also provides the SAT Daizōkyō Text Database, a database of the full text of 85 volumes of Taishō Shinshū Daizōkyō (大正新脩大藏經).
Project On Digital Unification Of Fujikawa Collection (Digital Fujikawa) Kyoto University Library Network and Keio University Media Center concluded an agreement on the Joint Project on Digital Unification of Fujikawa Collection (Digital Fujikawa) and launched an integrated website that virtually brings together the holdings of both universities in one place by using the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) protocol on September 28, 2018. This project intends to contribute to the development of the research in the history of medicine in Japan by providing the comprehensive view of Fujikawa Collection that has been physically divided into several parts, each currently held by a different institution. This is also a showcase of digital unification utilizing IIIF features.
Collection of Facial Expressions, Center for Open Data in the Humanities (CODH)

Collection of Facial Expressions by CODH is the project to gather clippings of facial expressions from art works in order to utilize them for the research in history of art, especially artistic styles. Facial expression is one of the most important research objects, because their styles tend to show characteristics of artists or their studios. Comparing facial expression clippings from art works across the world, mainly Japanese picture scrolls, enables identifying the artists or studios that created the art works and finding the influence on each other.

Collectors' Seal Database (NIJL) The database has accumulated images of collectors' seals and their information, which users can search by what is inscribed on the seal, the number of characters, the placement of each character, the number of lines, where the text is broken in lines, etc. Seals collected from Tanimura Collection held by Kyoto University Library are also included in the database.



Exhibitions in Kyoto University

[PAST EVENT] Kyoto University Library Network Rare Books Exhibition AY2018: The World of Old Korean Books (Feb. 19-Mar. 3, 2019)

Kyoto University Library, the Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University and the Research Institute of Korean Studies, Korea University concluded an agreement in 2015 and since then have been promoting in collaboration with each other the investigation of Korean classics Kyoto University Library holds, their digitization and the compilation of their metadata.

This exhibition will be held on the occasion of the publication of "The Catalogue of the Kawai Collection, Kyoto University Library" in Japanese and Korean by the Institute for Research in Humanities and the Research Institute of Korean Studies respectively and the symposium where researchers from Japan and South Korea will meet and exchange their opinions.

[PAST EVENT] Kyoto University Library Network Rare Books Exhibition AY2018: The World of Old Korean Books

Please note that the language is in Japanese and Korean only. There is no English translation.
Date and Time: February 19 (Monday) - March 3 (Sunday) - 9:30 - 17:00
・Venue: Exhibition Room (Kyoto University Clock Tower) <Access>
・Fee: Free
・Organized by Kyoto University Library Network
・Items to be exhibited

  他 全12点
・The Catalogue of this exhibition will be distributed at the venue and later at KURENAI (Kyoto University Research Information Repository).

※Kyoto University Library Network holds an exhibition of rare materials once every several years, providing opportunities for the general public to familiarize themselves with our precious holdings.

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