Zokyo Shoin Collection is a collection of Buddhist sutras and books collected by Zokyo Shoin in Kyoto to use as original text for Dainihon Zoku Zokyo published from April 1905 to 1912.

Dainihon Zoku Zokyo consists of 750 volumes of Buddhist sutras and books in 50 cases selected from 6,957 volumes of original texts written by over 950 Buddhists collected from the archives of old temples. Zoku Zokyo includes many noted writings by Indian or Chinese Buddhists, which previously published Dainihon Kotei Kunten Daizokyo couldn't cover.

Nichizo Kikan Collection consists of the books used as original text for Dainihon Daizokyo and related documents, while Nichizo Mikan Collection is composed of the books on Japanese Buddhism collected for a planned but unrealized sequel to Nihon Daizokyo, a collection of original writings by Japanese Buddhist in 48 volumes.

The above mentioned three collections were originally stored in treasuries or other places of temples. In particular, Nichizo Kikan and Mikan Collections contain writings by Buddhist priests of great learning of every Japanese Buddhist sect.

Zokyo Shoin Collection was donated to Kyoto University in 1914 and Nichizo Kikan Collection, in 1933. The University bought Nichizo Mikan Collection in 1925.

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