Zokyo Shoin-bon is a collection of Buddhist sutras and books used as original text for Dainihon Zoku Zokyo, which was compiled under the leadership of Tatsue Nakano (1871-1934) and published by Zokyo Shoin from April 1905 to 1912.
Dainihon Zoku Zokyo consists of 750 volumes of Buddhist sutras and books in 50 cases selected from 6,957 volumes of original texts written by over 950 Buddhists collected from the archives of temples. Zoku Zokyo includes many noted writings by Indian or Chinese Buddhists, which previously published Dainihon Kotei Kunten Daizokyo did not cover.
Around 4,270 volumes were donated to the library by Jinzaemon Matsumura of Zokyo Shoin in 1914.

(ref. 京都大学附属図書館編「京都大学附属図書館六十年史」第3章第3節)

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