595 Nichizo-bon (unpublished) of Zokyo Shoin Collection have been newly digitized and released

Ganzan daishi hyakusen wakai

Zokyo Shoin Collection consists of Buddhist sutras and books collected from the archives of temples by a publisher in Kyoto, Zokyo Shoin and is categorized in four sections: “Zokyo Shoin-bon”, “Nichizo-bon (published)”, “Nichizo-bon (unpublished)” and “Shinshu-bon”. Among these, 595 items from “Nichizo-bon (unpublished)” have been newly digitized and released.
As of March 27, 2019, Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive provides 1,157,908 images of 13,518 titles.

Nichizo-bon (unpublished) is composed of the books on Japanese Buddhism collected for a planned but unrealized sequel to Nihon Daizokyo, a Zokyo in 48 volumes compiled in Japan including writings by more than 300 Japanese Buddhists. The collection includes writings by Buddhist priests of great learning of every Japanese Buddhist sect.

▼Nichizo-bon (unpublished), Zokyo Shoin Collection