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Suruga Date Collection (Medieval) have been newly released

Suruga Date Documents (Medieval) have been newly released by a joint project with Princeton University. Many are from the Ashikaga shoguns, or protectors (shugo) and high-ranking officials. As of June 30, 2022, Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive provides 1,928,514 images of 23,729 titles.

417 titles from the Main Library’s Daiso-bon collection newly released

Four hundred and seventeen titles from the Daiso-bon collection held by the Main Library have been newly digitized and released. Most of the items are the Maruhon (丸本) that contain entire lyrics of the Jōruri play.

Three books from the Main Library have been newly released

Gosan shichiya shidai oboe (御産七夜次第覚) from the Nakanoin Collection is an autograph document by Nakanoin Michimura (中院通村), and is a memorandum on birth rituals at the Imperial Court. Ikoku monogatari (異國物語) and Ehon ikoku ichiran (繪本異國一覽) are illustrated books of ethnography published in the Edo period that depict the characteristics of people around the world.