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The Kikutei/Imadegawa Family’s collection newly digitized: portraits, a family tree scroll and a diary

Kikutei Collection was deposited permanently to the Main Library, Kyoto University by late Marquess Kiminaga Kikutei in 1921 and 1922, and has been preserved and researched in the library. Thanks to the generous contribution from its current owner, the collection, together with additional related documents, was donated to the Main Library and has recently been registered as the library’s holding. This time, six items – four portraits of the family heads, a scroll of the family tree, and a well-known diary written in 1576, “Tokitsugu-kyo-ki (言継卿記)” – have been digitalized and released. As of January 21, 2021, Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive provides 1,614,552 images of 19,436 titles.

Three items, including Foronda Collection, have been newly released

This month’s new releases are as follows: payer book in Ilocano of Foronda Collection held by the Center for Southeast Asian Studies; Chinese classic “Shuo wen jie zi xi zhuan” (説文解字繋傳 40卷校勘記3卷) held by the Graduate School of Letters and “Sasakike den” (佐々貴家傳) held by the Main Library.

Service to be suspended due to network maintenance from 9:00am, March 10, 2021

Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive will suspend its service due to network maintenance for at most 2 hours from 9:00am, March 10, 2021. The service will be restored as soon as the maintenance work has been completed. Thank you for your understanding.